Thursday, March 22, 2012

Oh Yeah

I am entering this bundle for a contest over at I'm a Ginger Monkey. We are picking twelve fabrics as if we were chief bundle maker over at Pink Castle Fabrics (wouldn't that be a dream job?:)
Here is my entry!
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Also a big ThAnK YoU to Miss Beau Jangles for awarding me the awesome...Liebster Award!!
It is an honor *as I bow and curtsy*..Thanks so much!
The Liebster Blog Award is a blog award that you give to 5 of your favorite blogs that have less than 200 followers. I found 5 blogs that I love!   See below:

If the blogs I listed want to accept the Liebster Award and pass it on to 5 blogs themselves, here are the rules:
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1) Sew. Quilt.Explore.
2)Practically Pippy
3)This Crafty Fox
4) Kelsey Sews
5)Ramblings from A Novice Quilter

Quilty Projects

I made this cute little pillow for the sewing studio. It's comfy and fun to have around. I am in love with the retro looking yellow flower print..I forget what line its from. And the sleeping princess under hanging flowers in the center makes me smile. It is hard to see but those are little mini-Courthouse Steps blocks flagging the center.
I backed it with one of my all time fave fabric lines.
 Steadily makin progress on this quilt fact the whole top is done, just haven't been able to nail down a photo. Love the text prints in it and the very graphic quality the black colors in it lend.
More to come on that and a nice mail delivery for some eye candy...
As always, thanks for stopping in!
Have a glorious day;)

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