Thursday, October 25, 2012

Read All About It!

Welcome Quilt Festival Goers!! 
Quilt Stats are 72"x60" and  I'd qualify it as a bed quilt (where it is cozily lazing around right now;) and home machine quilted oh and you could if you so pleased nominate for best quilt photography...Thanks!

Read All About It! Thats the name of the quilt! Why? Well its got a bunch of my *favorite* text prints like the old school handwriting, and architectural diagrams from cathedrals in Paris type thing. Also showcased Lakehouse Goods Seed Cataloque print. ~sigh~. I love that one. I am a gardener; must be why. Seeing words like Seeds, Cherries, and Flowers in a Farmer's Almanac-type style just makes my heart skip. And those flower head prints? Lovin' those too. The pattern is from this awesome book (and no, I'm not gettin' paid for that;)...Started this quilt awhile back and picked it back up after a hefty move to a new house. Wasn't as bad as I thought..(not the move...that was hard) but picking up a quilt long sequestered to WIP status. Sometimes it seems too hard to dive back in and that mental block just keeps growing and growing.But let me freakin' tell ya, I feel lighter now with it done. Like I can attack all my WIPs and */gasp/* start new projects! (doin the happy dance on that thought). Did some fun free motion quilting on it on my new sewing table...the one that my sewing machine actually sits in. I could finally bust out my Supreme Slider that I've had forever and occasionally would bring out and pet, before I had a surface to use it on. I am pleased to report it works like a dream. Thanks for droppin' by the ole bloggaroo. I'm in and out but would love to hear your thoughts on my quilt and lookin' forward to perusin' everyone elses' creations. Cheers!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sewin' Mojo!

Its been awhile, dear friends. Finally settled in our new digs enjoying n' squeezin in sweet fleeting moments, kids a napping, coffee warm and sewing machine a purrin.
I jumped into (feet first n saddles ablazin I might add), to the  Scrappy Stash Quilt-Along over here at Ellison Lane Quilts.
Ellison Lane Quilts
Tried one, found it fun to guest star all the different vintagey n' shabby prints together, and just kept going!
So good to be back. I'll introduce you to my new sewing studio home soon, complete with -*eeek*- a new sewing table with sewing machine lift, custom built by a woodworker friend through a barter. Dontcha love trades n' barters?? Anyhoodles, thanks for stopping by and have a great week. We'll chat soon;)