Tuesday, April 17, 2012

HST Eye Candy

With an overcast sky, the time was right to hop on out and get some good photos of this girl while there was a chance (In a fit of excitment I posted some, may I confess, horrible photos of this quilt in blaring sunlight in a previous post, I know, I know...)
Anyhoo...Linking up to the Half Square Triangle Quilt Fest over at Canoe Ridge Creations, well because I slaved n slaved over all these HSTs and anyone who has done a HST quilt this size, and trims all their squares down, can feel my pain. Heck I know any quilter can ;)
Its totally embarassing that I am sharing this quilt (again) with the binding hanging off, threads a hanging, like its approaching February and the tree is still up...gulp...
but there is no way to salvage any hand sewing time lately, and I am not machine binding it...I'm just not that good at it...and I am NoT practicing on this beauty:) 
*I might or might not have gone a little crazy saturating this one on pixlr* but doesn't it just shine here?:)...
Photoshop got wiped out of my computer when I upgraded my OS system..grrr...anyways I found a free program like it, pixlr and its awesome!! 
And did I tell you that Jeni from In Color Order picked a photo of this quilt (in its design wall stage) as a favorite? Yeah that was fun to see!
Have fun checkin out all the other quilts in the festival and big thanks to Canoe Ridge Creations for hosting:).
Thanks y'all for stoppin by. Have a great week!
(boo it wouldn't let me put the Festival of Half Square Triangles button on this post...oh well check it out in the sidebar;)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

W.I.P. Baby and a finish

I finally got this quilt top all nice and pieced and just have to baste now which I keep putting off because that would mean cleaning my kitchen floor:)
It has a bunch of my current favorite fabrics in there and I love quilts with black.
And then I finally attacked my Warm/Cool quilt with binding. I just have to hand sew it down and that'll be ready to go. *shhh* but it has gotten a fair amount of use around here even unfinished.;)

It was a difficult decision to go with a cool binding instead of warm. But the flannel backing is in the pink family so it needed to be cooled down.
With sick kiddos this week I have hardly been able to look at my machine but I did manage to sneak some sessions in to make the hubster a birthday pillow. "You've never made me anything." he said awhile back. Hmmm I guess if you don't count the lap quilts and pillows we curl up with when we watch movies or the huge quilt on our bed. Anyways any excuse to get quilting!
WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced