Friday, November 11, 2011

Mini Quilt pouch

Hi Y'all! Fell off the blogoshere for awhile but lots has happened! Had another baby, entered the wonderful world of Bernina ownership and lots of sewing!

I am motivated today to say hello to join the Mini Quilt Show n' Tell over at amylouwho's blog.

This is a cute lil pouch I made using very small patchwork pieces.
It was challenging to get all the the points to line up and realized that I *needed* a straight stitch plate for my new machine...        {here she is...}
Anyways back to my mini quilt; I learned a few things about working small like this. 

So its a pouch. Like I said I just had a baby so I needed something quicker than a quilt to satisfy my sewing needs.

Thanks for stoppin by and I promise i'm gonna blog more! In fact I have been makin lots of cool things is a sneak peek....
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  1. Cute pouch :)
    You are totally sucking me in with the Heirloom peek...!

  2. i love it when people use quilting techniques for something other than a quilt. this little pouch is reallly cute!

  3. Very cute pouch! Congrats on the new baby, and enjoy that Bernina! :o)