Wednesday, February 15, 2012

WIP Wednesday

My first WIP Wednesday! Yeah!

My goal for 2012 is a quilt a month. Its a somewhat loose goal, like I won't stress too hard about it but am using it to keep productive. So far I've gotten up around 3 am and 6 am on a few days *uh I mean nights* to work on this next beauty.
So far just a bunch of HSTs on the table and ten minutes here and ten minutes there (two kids, if ya catch my drift;) and middle of the night and early mornin marathons. Just me and Downton Abbey. Happiness~*

                                                 WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced
Thanks for stoppin in!


  1. Hiya, it's my first WIP Wednesday too! Been looking round your blog, love your little quilted purse!x

  2. Ooo! Nice fabrics! What are you going to make? And...where do you watch Downton Abby? I keep hearing about it and figure it must be pretty great!

    I also would like to make a quilt a month, but might actually still be ok if I hit 12 somehow by the end of the year! Haha, we'll see how it goes! I'm excited that I found your blog!

    1. Thanks...aren't they pretty? I've definitely been bitten by the text print bug! I'm makin this cool quilt out of "101 Rotary Cut Quilts". Of course I'll be postin updates on it;)

      I watched the first season of Downton on Netflix...and now the second season on PBS. I LOVE it (can you say slightly obsessed!) It really is great.

      Good luck on your 12 quilts...keep at it!!

  3. I love these fabrics! Can't wait to see your finished quilt!