Thursday, November 1, 2012

Swimmin' in a Rainbow

Still chuggin' along on this Scrappy Quilt-Along over at Ellison Lane Quilts and working on getting all thses blocks made!
I thought I was all done, even made a couple of extras but when I had it all laid out in my kids' room my daughter informed me that she would like this quilt. So I'm thinking ahead and trying to make it a twin, which now I come to find out is HUGE! 72"x98" is what I'm shooting for which apparently is still cutting it a little short.
Never in a million years would I have thought that browns and yellows would be my favorite colors and blocks out of the bunch! Well maybe in a hundred years...I do LOVE Fall.
Really likin' the reds too and making a few more of those now.

It's funny. I assumed I was a modern type quilter but I'm beginning to find out that although I ADORE so many cool designs in the modern quilt world such as this (isn'tthat just to die for??) and this I am liking the shabby look a little more these days. With that in mind I was drawn towards cute little vintagey calicos more than my modernish fabrics. BUT I'm not one to reside in a small genre and pride myself in being able to transcend boundaries so you may see my next quilt an ultra modern solid print quilt. I go through phases.
Thanks for stoppin' by!


  1. I'm still trying to get mine done in time for the links party ; ) lovely blocks. It's nice your daughter wants it.

  2. I am so glad to see you say that about not sticking to one style! I do the same thing...I see a bright, modern quilt and love it, but then I see a soft, vintage flower quilt and love that, too. The pendulum swings back and forth and I get to enjoy sewing in many styles. I love your blocks, great fabrics!!