Friday, May 25, 2012

Giveaway winners!

With all my might I couldn't paste the random number generator on here but I can tell you, cross my heart, the winners were chosen using it!
Winner #1 of the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway fabric is Sarah! Out of 620 (yayeah!!) comments Sarah was #337 and had this to say :
I listen to the radio, usually BBC Radio 4 so news and documentaries.

Thanks to everyone for their awesome input on the lace and for all the other lovely comments! Hope y'all win something nice. 
Bonus Giveaway* Because I got alot of new members on the site from the Bloggers Quilt Festival and from SMS Giveaway Day, I wanted to show my gratitude by picking someone randomly from people signed up to the blog through Google Friend Connect. Random Number generator picked # 27. I counted from the top down and Margaret has won a surprise fabric parcel that I will put in the mail before June 1st! I promise if you like the above stack of fabrics you will enjoy your parcel! 
It was great to hear what everyone listens to when sewing. Lots of playing kids, napping kids, lots of NPR and BBC, background TV watchers and many who love the sound of summer out there, chirping birds, wind chimes. 
I do the whole gamut myself from wonderful podcasts to local radio. I adore the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast, Coast to Coast AM(when a show is good, its oh so goood:), Kids Music, anything by Masterpiece, and like many of you quiet and calm. We have an amazing local radio station around here and I love to listen in too!


  1. Great giveaway! Thanks for your recent comment on my blog, hope the moving went well!

  2. Just missed another Giveaway - as usual. Nevermind - I have loved looking at all the quilty loveliness on your blog. Will be back for more. xCathy