Thursday, May 24, 2012


What a turnout! Thanks so much to all the gals (sorry dudes if any slipped by;) who commented on my quilt entry to the Blogger's Quilt Festival and everyone who entered the giveaway. And to all my new members...Welcome. Because I got so many new subscribers I'll be picking one with the random number generator and giving away another prize. I really appreciate all the love!
I love seeing quilts in vintage kids books when I read to the kiddos.
Like I mentioned before we are in the throes of a giant move. 
This is my sewing table (in a moment of tremendous disarray)...
I couldn't help but pull fabrics for my next quilt line behind a few small projects that I will share soon...Yep, I'm kind of a freak, I mean to be doing this when I should be packing. :) A sneak peek of one of those smaller projects here...
While packing I got hit by some major inspiration and jotted it down in a notebook.
Evertime I move after cleaning out a room to its bare minimun I ALWAYS ask myself why I don't do this while I'm living there. It feels so good to get in there and clean up any stagnant energy. Freshen it up and liven it up if you will. So I made a note to my future self to do this;)
I will be missing this view but also I love change so looking forward to the future and I'll be staying busy with lots of projects on the blog so stay tuned! 
In the meantime I'll be chasin this turkey while dodging moving boxes! 

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